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Canadian Health and Care Mall Review – Pharmacy Network to Offer You Huge Medication Savings

When you go online to find a store to source your meds from, it can be confusing when you find two different websites that look too similar. A good example of such sites are the websites that are operating under the Canadian Health and Care Mall pharmacy network. By the term “pharmacy network” we mean that this is a collection of online pharmacies which when brought together will form a chain of online drug stores being operated by a single company.

These stores are usually created with the aim of making sure that the owning company gets as many clients as possible from different sources. Pharmacy networks are usually operating legally. For this reason, there is no reason to be alarmed. The only thing you need to do is be careful to ensure that you are sourcing your meds from a genuine store that is genuinely operating under the network. Some of the pharmacies run by scammers will steal the design that genuine network drugstore sites are using. This makes it harder for people to realize they are on a scam site and not a real one. The only viable solution is to avoid random web addresses.

Canadian Health and Care Mall Review

Initially, we were not sure whether the pharmacies in the Canadian Health and Care Mall network were real and whether they offered genuine services. We had to try and locate customer feedback to find out. Here is what we managed to locate:

Canadian Health and Care Mall User Comments

Sean is happy that he was able to save both time and money when dealing with the Canadian Health and Care Mall med store network. He got great support and assistance, fast services and big discounts. He has been a loyal customer for 2 years now and the pharmacy network has never failed him.

Philip says that what influenced him and made him buy his meds from Canadian Health and Care Mall sites is the pricing policy. He says medications are available in the drugstore network at the most reasonable, competitive, and moderate prices. He also gets the chance to buy cheap generic drugs instead of expensive brand drugs.

Canadian Health and Care Mall Online

The sites that are available in the pharmacy network make it easy for the customer to use them. Even if you are yet to order your medications online, you will not get stuck anywhere. The stores even feature a whole page that is dedicated to providing information on how to order. You will locate medications quite easily either via the search bar or through navigating the categories on the left of the homepage. The sites have a look that resembles the one indicated here:

Canadian Health and Care Mall Home

The sites seem to have their Search Engine Optimization straight. When we tried to locate them using the search engines and the keywords “Canadian Health and Care Mall”, we managed to locate two of the sites that fall under this network. Even though it is possible to locate drug stores online using search engines, we discourage it. This is because you won’t know when what you load is a fake pharmacy that resembles a real pharmacy.

The online stores in the pharmacy chain have huge savings. Some of the meds you will find in the stores and the prices they sell them are as indicated below:

  • Generic Viagra will be worth 0.77 dollars a pill.
  • Cialis is worth $1.43 per pill.
  • Kamagra will not cost more than $1.28 per pill.
  • Their Levitra is worth $1.82 per pill.

Canadian Health and Care Mall Coupon Codes

Some of the sites in the network were offering coupon codes. Other sites did not have coupon codes. However, each one of the sites had great deals. For example, the prices for each pill reduced as you increase the number of pills that you bought. Also, in the shopping cart you get even better deals:

Canadian Health and Care Mall Special Offers

For orders that you are paying more than $150 for, the shipping cost will get eliminated. The pharmacy network would always ensure that they throw in some extra pills as a bonus. In the case of the above shopping cart, we have the choice to choose between either 4 Cialis pills or 4 Viagra pills.

Canadian Health and Care Mall Phone Numbers

Although not all the network sites had telephone numbers they were advertising, all of them had email addresses and a contact form. Some of the email addresses are as follows:

  • For support information, the email to use is [email protected]
  • For queries related to the coupons and discounts being offered, you will need to contact the pharmacy via [email protected]

Canadian Health and Care Mall Spam and Phone Calls

Nowadays it is very hard to locate an online drugstore network that will never send you spam emails or call you just to advertise their products to you. For the period that Canadian Health & Care Mall drugstore network has been operational, they have not spammed anyone. There is no one on the web complaining that he found spam in his email or he was called by someone working for the genuine Canadian Health & Care Mall network. This is to confirm that you will never get spammed by the pharmacy network.


The fact that people claim they have ordered their meds from Canadian Health and Care Mall for a long time and they haven’t considered quitting shows that the pharmacy network offers quality services. The reviewers have indicated that the network offers low prices and their customer support department is awesome. The fast delivery makes the pharmacy reliable. Payments are handled on a secure server and hence your payment details are safe. These are enough reasons to make us rate the pharmacy network 5 stars. If you are looking for a pharmacy network to handle your orders quickly, Canadian Health & Care Mall drugstore network is a great choice.

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