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Mildfil Tablet Review

Mildfil Tablet Review: We Can Only Hope this Drug is Effective for Impotence

Brand: Mildfil Tablet

Active Ingredient: Tadalafil

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Fourrts Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.

Country of Manufacture: India

Mildfil Tablet Package Image

Review and Description

Mildfil Tablet from Fourrts Laboratories Pvt Ltd is one of the available generic treatments for erectile dysfunction. This drug contains the longest-acting PDE5 inhibitor drug, Tadalafil, which also happens to be the main ingredient of the brand name product, Cialis from the renowned company, Eli Lilly.

Mildfil Tablet is composed of Tadalafil, the active ingredient known for its 36-hour potency when taken by patients suffering from erectile dysfunction. Generic products such as Mildfil Tablet also have the same 36-hour effectiveness like the brand-name Cialis drug from Eli Lilly. Tadalafil even in generic drugs is also as effective as the Tadalafil in the brand name drug. Tadalafil is known to cause vasodilation in the penis tissues and allow for proper erectile function in the patients. Apart from erectile dysfunction treatment, Tadalafil products like Mildfil Tablet are also used in the management of benign prostatic hyperplasia symptoms, and sometimes, premature ejaculation.

The company, Fourrts, the creator of the Mildfil Tablet, is an Indian brand founded in 1977. The company has its focus on the manufacture of pharmaceutical grade products, nutraceuticals, and even “herbominerals”. Fourrts is renowned as one of the forerunners of the manufacture of “nutraceuticals” in India. Overall, the company is 1500-people large and has n approval from the World Health Organization for its Good Manufacturing Practices for its products. Fourrts is not only renowned in India, but this company also distributes its products to various countries of the world.

Customer Reviews

The Tadalafil product from Fourrts, the Mildfil Tablet, did not have any client reviews available on the web. There is no clear reason why, but we can say that this is due to the drug’s local distribution and its lack of visibility online. Some generic products are not yet able to market worldwide, hence their limited client reach and their lack of reviews.

In spite of this, Mildfil Tablet may still be an effective treatment for impotence due to its active ingredient Tadalafil and its manufacturer’s credibility. The drug may have been popular in India, but due to lack of feedback from the local consumers, we can’t determine the actual effectiveness of this product on the patients.

Pricing and Dosage

Mildfil Tablet is available in 5 mg tablet form, which is ideal for daily use for patients diagnosed with erectile dysfunction. Patients with clinical erectile dysfunction should take Mildfil Tablet 5 mg daily, at the same time every day. Due to the lack of online information for this Mildfil Tablet product, we were unable to determine if the drug is also available in other doses.

Although the drug is not really available to ship internationally, there are some platforms offering price guides for this product, like the website Omsi India

Although the drug is not really available to ship internationally, there are some platforms offering price guides for this product, like the website Omsi India. According to the information for Mildfil Tablet, the drug is available at Rs 141 or $2.16 USD for 10 tablets of the daily 5 mg dose. This price for Mildfil Tablet is actually low, but sadly, the drug does not ship outside of India.

How to Buy Mildfil Tablet Online

Most generic Cialis products are easily accessible online, but the drug Mildfil Tablet is very hard to come by. Since this drug is incapable of getting shipped overseas, we’ve come up with another generic Tadalafil alternative readily available online. Generic Cialis from the shops Pharmacy Mall and Canada Pharmacy 24h are as cheap as the Mildfil Tablet 5 mg, but the generic Cialis on these stores can be shipped internationally.



Most orders can be shipped anywhere in the world for only $10, but shipping can also be free if you spend a minimal set amount on the shops above.

How to Use

Mildfil Tablet 5 mg should be taken once daily and must be taken at a set time every day. Depending on the impotence severity, patients may be prescribed 2.5 mg to 5 mg of this drug. This being a once-daily drug, you must not take another daily Mildfil Tablet dose in a period of 24 hours.

Some patients with other medical conditions apart from their impotence should let their doctors know about their other illnesses. Patients with ED-concurrent diseases such as HIV, liver disease, cancer, renal failure, heart disease, and others, should disclose the truth about their medical condition to their doctors so that they can receive sound medical advice regarding their Mildfil Tablet doses.

There are several drug interactions identified for Tadalafil, so patient should also be careful not to take the contraindicated drugs with Tadalafil products such as Mildfil Tablet. Nitrates, hypotension inducing medicines, alcohol, and several other drugs should not be used alongside Mildfil Tablet due to the risk of adverse events.

Side Effects

Severe side effects are present in patients using Tadalafil drugs, although rare. Seizures, heart attack symptoms, allergies, nausea, vomiting, vision and hearing changes, and a long list of others are potential severe side effects related to the use of Mildfil Tablet containing Tadalafil.

As for the mild side effects, a small but significant fraction of the Tadalafil-treated population complains about having back pain, headaches, a runny nose, and flushing.

Conclusion with Rating

Mildfil Tablet is a generic substitute for the brand Cialis product and is used in the management of impotence (or insufficient erectile response) in the male population. This drug’s distribution may have been limited to the local India population due to its limited online presence.

Reviews from patients taking this drug are also unavailable, which even made it hard to determine if the drug is effective for impotence or not. However, we can only hope that this drug is also effective due to its potent Tadalafil ingredient and its maker’s credibility. Overall score: 3 out of 5.

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