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MySecuretabs Review: Buy Cheap and Effective Prescription Drugs

My Securetabs is a network of online pharmacies with identical features on their homepage, dispenses the same types of medications that are sold at equal prices. A customer sourcing his medications from any of the networks may not be able to tell the websites apart making some of them doubt the credibility of the network.

Every website that is part of My Securetabs network has fulfilled all the requirements that have been set by the regulatory bodies that control how online pharmacies operate and there are seals of approval at each website. The many websites are just avenues that are used to get more clients for the network where they will collect orders and then forward to the main website for processing and shipping.

The network has secured their connections in an effort to keep third parties from accessing any private information that has been entrusted to them by their customers. During the payment of the drugs, the network will not indicate the products for which the amount deducted has been used to purchase. This means that whoever accesses your statement of account will not know the complication you are suffering from.

The team that attends to customers ensures that every customer’s concern is addressed as soon as the issue is raised. This has built the trust that customers have for the network and as a result, more than one million prescriptions have been filled.

MySecuretabs Reviews

My Securetabs has been positively reviewed by most of the customers who have had a chance to buy drugs from them. One of these noble customers is Piter N from Italy who says that he is impressed with the shipping of the drugs and the shipping process as well and as a result, he will be placing an order with the network soon. Barbara from Sweden is another customer who says that the delivery of the drugs was made sooner than what the network had promised and her satisfaction is a 100%.

Jacob was too busy to get a chance to place his order with My Securetabs and he asked one of the staffs at the network to help in placing the order. They did not just do that but they also ensured that the shipping was done as soon as possible through the regular shipping. Mark has had a chance to order twice from the network and every time, the delivery took less than ten days. He says that he did not have any problem with the customs officials and the quality of the drugs delivered was very good

Clients Reporting About Their Experience with MySecuretabs Shop

MySecuretabs Online

My Securetabs has a simple homepage to ensure that no customer will have a hard time placing an order or getting the information that he needs. This trait is reciprocated in all the websites that are linked to the network as they are all alike. The only difference between these websites is the web address that is used to access the websites. This should not be a cause for worry are all the websites conduct legitimate businesses and can be trusted to supply drugs to any location globally.

My Securetabs Site Catalog

The network classifies their medications in different formats to ensure that every customer will have an easy time finding the right drugs. For those customers who wish to search for their drugs using the alphabet, they will simply click on the first letter of the drug and they will be able to find the drug they are looking for if it is in stock. If another customer wants to find his medications by the illness that he is suffering from, he will click on the category where his health complication lies and all the relevant drugs will be displayed.

My Securetabs stocks both generic and brand medications which are sold at prices that are lower compared to the prices in local pharmacies which enables those that struggled to pay for their medications in the past buy them with ease. All these drugs have been approved by FDA and they will be safe and effective as well. According to the network, it will be wise to seek advice from a doctor regarding the right dose for the medications purchased to avoid suffering from adverse reactions out of taking the wrong dose.

Whenever a customer comes across an online pharmacy that has a homepage that looks like that of Securetabs, he will need to be careful as there are rogue pharmacies that will imitate the homepage in an attempt to deceive people that they are also part of the network.

MySecuretabs Coupon Codes

My Securetabs network has several active discounts to ensure that the prices of the different medications sold will remain low. There is a ten percent discount that is offered on every order where a customer will copy a coupon code an paste it when checking out.

There is also a free bonus where every customer gets free pills with every order. The pills will be used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and if a customer does not want them, he can choose not to have the bonus.

Shopping Cart with Discounts Offered by My Securetabs Site

MySecuretabs Phone Numbers

To contact My Securetabs network, you can use any of the phone numbers listed below:

  • If you are in the US: +1-718-487-9792
  • If you are in the UK: +4420-3239-7092

MySecuretabs Spam and Phone Calls

On searching the web, there is no recorded complaint from a customer where a spam message or an unwanted call has been made by the network. The only instances where customers have talked of being contacted are when there is need to pass an update regarding an order or any other important issue.


My Securetabs network has been able to ship over one million orders to their customers since it was established. The network follows up on these orders to ensure that they reach the customers in good order which is commendable. The effectiveness of the drugs is also talked about by the customers who have used the drugs bought from the network which makes then keep purchasing from the network for years. For this, we will rate the network 5 out of 5.

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